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Top conspiracy theories? How a run-of-the-mill conspiracy theory gets the “top” tag is interesting enough in itself. But what makes one conspiracy theory better than all rest?

Can it be because it is true? Surely some of them must be, just according to the law of averages? Or maybe because it is totally outrageous. Along the lines of the Queen is a lizard. 9-11 was an inside job engineered by US government agencies and/ or the Israeli Secret Service. And British DJ and charity marathon-runner Jimmy Savile was a paedophile?

Being totally bizarre and true would seem to be a desirable double whammy. There are plenty of people who say that all those examples are 100% correct. That’s why I’ve included two of them in my list of Top Conspiracy Theories.

Jimmy Savile: “Just a Friendly Guy?”

Thanks to the ‘Newsnight Conspiracy’, the Jimmy Savile allegations became a candidate for Top Conspiracy Theories. The BBC current affairs show Newsnight was all set to go on a fully-researched and ready-to-air piece. It concerned Jimmy Savile molesting girls at a school where he’d volunteered to do “charity work” in the 1970s. But a very senior BBC executive pulled the piece at the last minute.

Sir Jimmy Savile: Top conspiracy theories

This was in mid-December  2011. On Boxing Day (26th December), BBC-1 aired a fawning tribute featuring Shane Ritchie. It is more than a mere rumour that Savile used his charity and volunteer work as a cover for more illicit activities. These included necrophilia, underage sex, and procuring male children for former British Prime Minister Ted Heath to “play with” on his yacht, Morning Cloud. At least, those are the allegations rife on the Internet.

Who Knew?

I don’t know the truth of any of these specific allegations. But I do know a woman who said she’d had “semi-consensual” sex with Savile when she was fifteen. The police have investigated similar claims on at least two publicly-documented occasions.

Savile’s supporters deny any wrong-doing on the part of the tracksuit-wearing DJ (“Now then, now then…”), admitting that he was a bit of an oddball but adding that he did raise a lot of money for charity.

If you want to find out more about the Anti-Sir Jimmy Savile point of view – bearing in mind that he is in no position to answer back – then you can check out David Icke’s forum (which is dedicated to “free speech”), and perhaps take a peek at this extract from an ITV documentary on the Nolan Sisters made in 2009: Top Conspiracy Theories – click here to view.

Top Conspiracy Theories:

=1: Equal Top Conspiracy Theories: The Queen is a Lizard

When it comes to Top Conspiracy Theories, this one is a “humdinger” and potentially the biggest of them all. The writer and former BBC football reporter and Green Party spokesman, David Icke, has devoted his life since 1991 to telling us about an ancient race from the Middle East – via Outer Space – that now runs the world. Icke refers to them as the “Babylonian Brotherhood.”

Key Brotherhood bloodlines include the British Royal Family (The House of Windsor) and the allied Royal families of Europe, the Rockerfellers, the Rothschilds, and the establishment families of the USA, including the Kennedy clan and the Bush family. Among the organizations and bodies the Brotherhood created and now control are the Illuminati, Round Table, the Bilderberg Group, Chatham House, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the United Nations, and the Internet. The members of the Brotherhood are descended from reptile-like creatures who arrived from Outer Space a few thousand years ago, hence “The Queen Is A Lizard” jibe.

David Icke: “You can call me mad…”

The basis of Icke’s theories is that the “few” have created a series of secret societies that rule the world and control the “many”. The Brotherhood dedicate themselves to the “Great Work of Ages” of world domination. Their eventual goal is for a micro-chipped world population they can control.

Although he seems a thoroughly nice chap, Icke has been almost universally ridiculed for his theories. But individual research by the likes of British journalist Jon Ronson shows that certain aspects of his claims do have substance. I find it impossible to take on board most of David Icke’s ideas, but I find aspects of them get less bizarre with every passing year. Who knows, maybe the Queen is a lizard?

=1: Equal Top Conspiracy Theories: 9-11 Was An Inside Job

Maybe not as implausible as I first thought. After checking out a few of the “facts” and a few of the conspiracy theory websites, the official version – that Osama Bin Laden orchestrated this from a cave in Afghanistan – sounds less likely than many of the versions peddled online.

Most Conspiracy Theorists believe that either the US Government or Israel, or both, were behind the 9-11 outrages. Or maybe it was the Babylonian Brotherhood. Basically the whole enterprise was an excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. They say that only Mossad, or the CIA and other US government agencies had the facilities and expertise to pull off such a major coup.

“It’s collapsing all wrong…”

The New York firefighter who said the collapse of the Twin Towers was all wrong. That’;s seen as key evidence. And, apparently, various architects have said that the buildings would not have reacted as they appeared to as the result of a fire after being hit by a plane. Many experts and people who should know have said that the collapses had more of the look a controlled demolition rather than of a structural failure after being engulfed by fire.

Here’s a film made in 2006 by “MI5 whistle-blower” (as he seems destined to forever be called) David Shayler, that covers much of this, with an emphasis on Britain’s involvement and its own terrorist attacks on the 7/7 London Bombings:

[NOTE: this video seems to have been removed from the internet, together with all traces of it! – June 8, 2013]

It seems to me that the official version is even more far-fetched than the conspiracy theory. It amounts to a whole a series of unlikely scenarios. Twenty Arabs set out to hijack a bunch of planes and crash them into prominent US buildings. But one hijacker gets arrested before he could get started. The FBI seize his laptop but decide not to do anything with it until their superiors give them permission. In the meantime, the remaining 19 terrorists are allowed to board four planes. This is despite the fact that several of them were under FBI surveillance and on “no-fly” lists.

Flying Tonight…

After getting onboard the aircraft, the unarmed terrorists were then able to over-power ex-military pilots as well as an Israeli anti hijacking agent (who just happened to be on board one of the planes), and seize control of all four.

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) didn’t notice for ages that the planes had been hijacked. This is despite one of the planes getting a call out after a passenger had been shot.

One of the hijackers had been given barely enough flying lessons to take off and land. But he’d managed to fly a plane at high speed into buildings. This was after performing several difficult turns, dives and other manoeuvres. And the impact was apparently enough to cause robustly-built steel-framed buildings to collapse after being set on fire many floors above the ground.

Sounds to me like something only the descendent of reptiles from Outer Space could dream up.

Top Conspiracy Theories?

You bet your sweet ass…


  1. some theories belong to a group of people who like to think that “THEY” have the truth and nobody else can see it. It is part of there Psyche, they need this in their lives.
    Some theories come from a group of people who have the strength to risk ridicule from the people that play it safe and go with the media version of events and actually take something on face value and say that the “Official” version is deeply flawed. I think that it is these that make the top 10 of theories!

    I have my own No.1 but hey, that’s another blog!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Since when did the US ever need an excuse to invade other countries – weren’t the “weapons of mass destruction” a big enough excuse?

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