Idiot Watch

Idiot Watch

Idiot Watch is a series of videos and images to demonstrate just how idiotic members of the human race are. Please feel free to add a link from your own blog/ site and help spread the word. Scroll down the page for older posts…


6. “Reverend” Robert West


Switching on for Eggheads on BBC2 one night, I happened upon a Party Election Broadcast for the British National Party. I was just in time to see a vicar coming out of a church spout some racist twaddle about Islam. Though not a great admirer of Christianity generally, I was shocked that an ordained clergyman could be so openly racist. I dug around a little and found that the “vicar” – Robert West – isn’t a proper reverend at all. A former Conservative councillor from Lincolnshire, he started his own church to preach a kind of twisted semi-racial separation. A perfect candidate for Idiot Watch.

Of course, the inherent contradiction is that his party would send Jesus Christ “back to where he came from”. But would that be Palestine or Heaven?.

Here he is trying to defend himself on daytime TV:

5. Former UKIP Man Godfrey Bloom Opens His Mouth And Out Pours…

Some people live on a different planet to the rest of us. UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom can’t see why the term “Bongo Bongo Land” is racist. Surprisingly, even Nigel Farage, UKIP leader at the time, says it is. More worryingly is the way Geoffrey has received “hundreds of messages of support”. Watch to the end of the video for an example of “the spirit that won Britain the war”.

This isn’t the first time Godfrey has been in trouble for his pre-Victorian views. Somehow, somebody appointed him to serve on the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. Within days he told a journalist: “no self-respecting small businessman with a brain in the right place would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age.”

Geoffrey also thinks Climate Change is a left-wing plot. In 2009 he said: “As far as I am concerned, man-made global warming is nothing more than a hypothesis that hasn’t got any basis in fact.”

Bloom is something of a radical anti-Green and an Idiot Watch shoo-in. He was filmed at the 2009 Copenhagen United Nations Climate Change Conference congratulating the French Government for sinking the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior, in 1985:

At the last European Election, 213,750 people voted to get this man into the European Parliament. I despair!

4. Millionaire Jon Voight Thinks Health Care For The Poor Takes Away His Freedoms (Idiot Watch)

Although the following video is quite old, I doubt if “courageous” actor Jon Voight would have softened his views any. Nor the audience members, who whoop and holla whenever he says something really stupid. That the powerful American insurance and drug companies could put this message over to the majority of the people of the USA is proof that Mind Speak exists. And that the world (at least a large part of it) is idiotic.

Anyone who lives in the UK, Canada, and most of Europe, where “free” healthcare is the norm – and has been for decades – can only watch in horror as their American cousins take the wrong course, yet again. Obama is no saint, but he’s certainly not the Anti-Christ, as portrayed by so many American nut-jobs.

As regards bringing God into it… I’ve got news for you, suckers, Jesus (of The Bible fame) would have voted for these proposals. In fact, he would probably have wondered why they didn’t go much further.

3. The Earth is 6,000 years old (Idiot Watch Special)

I watched loads of Creationist videos and this was probably the most evidence-led and compelling. So you can imagine how terrible most of the rest are. The typical pro-Creationist video features happy library music, over which someone very calm and holy chunters on about butterflies and miracles. Others (the really boring ones) are simply page after page of text crammed on to the screen.

Sad that they don’t seem to take into account the problems of translating and compiling a diverse bunch of papers written in various ancient languages hundreds of years ago. But that’s essentially what the Bible consists of. That’s why I wouldn’t personally want to take what is says as “gospel”. This video had clocked up 519,241 when I first found it…

Peanut Butter & The Bible

Here’s a video I enjoyed – and it’s been seen more than 2,374,680 times, so a lot of people must agree with me – that proves beyond any doubt that evolution doesn’t exist. Businessman and evangelical Bible teacher Chuck Missler and his chums appear to build their case around the fact that life doesn’t spontaneously begin in a jar of sterilised peanut butter.

To quote the female presenter (in a line that could have come straight out of The Simpsons): “Life from non-life, apart from God’s direct intervention, is a fairy tale. But despite that obvious truth, evolutionists continue to build their supposedly scientific case on a foundation that virtually rules out everything that follows after it.” Yeah, right.

This video is in the Education category of Youtube. That’s how dangerous these people are: they want us to believe it. The sad thing is, many of us do. A 2012 Gallup Poll found that 46% of Americans surveyed believe Creationism explains the origin of humankind, with a mind-boggling low number of just 15% saying that humans evolved without God’s help. God help us.

2. Alex Jones at the BBC

Controversial Texan “conspiracy theorist” was over in the UK for the Bilderberg Meeting and popped into the BBC. There he found himself ridiculed by the BBC’s invariably pompous – but usually quite entertaining – policial commentator, Andrew “Brillo Pad” Neil.

Brillo Pad’s dismissal of Jones and his theories began as soon as the cameras started rolling, but then the American right-winger did little to further his cause. To make matters worse, he had David Aaronovitch pouring on an extra coating of understated scorn, whenever he was allowed to get a word in edgeways, that is.

Seldom Lost for Words

Alex obviously believed that his appearance on the Sunday Politics had gone quite well. An Alex Jones supporter shot a video in the studio immediately afterwards, which showed a certain level of self-delusion. Unfortunately, the video has since been taken down from YouTube and the account is closed. A pity readers of Idiot Watch can’t see what happens for yourselves…

If you want to know more about Alex Jones and his ideas, check out his hugely popular website, Jones has an unshakeable belief that all Americans have the right to carry practically any weapon they chose in order to defend themselves. Primarily their point of defence is from their own government, but I get the idea that he’s got one eye open for the packs of underprivileged and desperate human flotsam who might one day decide to take “what’s his”.

Alex is also in broad agreement with David Icke that there’s a conspiracy to take over the world. Moreover, this involves a plan to kill off up to 80% of the human race by wrecking immune systems with vaccination and fluoridation. Many people in the Alternative Health Culture are against immunisation and putting stuff in the water for similar reasons, though not many of them cite a World Domination Theory.

[Note: maybe in the middle of the current Coronavirus pandemic, these ideas are not looking quite so crazy any more! – Jim 13/07/2020]

1. BBC Bias / Idiot Watch

I found this tasty little morsel on a forum called “Biased BBC The Forum”, notable for its new and refreshing way with punctuation. The video – one of a series from someone or something called “StopTheBBC” – attempts to prove that the BBC is “more than biased” against America (presumably they mean the USA), Christianity and Israel by using damning newspaper clippings and bombastic rock music.

Nevertheless, if a sub-editor on the Daily Mail says it is true, then it probably is. (Personally, I take the opposite view…) “More than biased…” is just the first part of a sentence that ends: “the BBC is EVIL”.

Some readers will be aware that I’ve looked at this subject before, in an article called BBC = Brainwashing British Citizens. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment.


  1. hi Jim,wanted to leave a comment about the Cricketers.please check out alasdair convery on youtube to see what we did to the place between ’07/ would make a nice addition to an already great page…

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