About Me

JAMES RICHARD DRIVER was born at Hare Park Farm, Crofton, in Yorkshire, a little over nine years after Hitler’s defeat by Audie Murphy and friends.

When he was 13, the Driver family moved to Pembrokeshire in the extreme south-west of Wales, where James first discovered rugby. Although he wasn’t very keen at first, he soon came to appreciate the game, though he still doesn’t understand the kicking rules.

By 1972 James had largely transformed into a Jim and was packed off to college in Chelmsford, Essex, to study law. In his first term became social secretary of his students’ union, which meant it was his job to book the entertainment. The first act he ever booked was the Third Ear Band, intensely boring but very high profile after providing the soundtrack to Roman Polanski’s film of Macbeth. The gig sold out and he was bitten by the music bug.

Law is very dry compared to music promoting – although it must be admitted that the perks are better – and within a year Jim had dropped out of college to work for a record company, stuffing cardboard pyramids into LP sleeves.

After the label went bust, he worked in a variety of jobs, including cleaner, barman, pub manager, bouncer, assistant chief cashier for a firm of solicitors, hack-writer, venue manager, and bookkeeper, before ending up 20 years later at Time Out magazine in London and founding an independent book publishing company, The Do-Not Press.

After failing to dominate the world of words, Jim returned to music promotion and for nearly eight years organised Friday night events at London’s 100 Club. After being kicked out in favour of a younger promoter with a pay-to-play policy, Jim moved to the nearby Borderline Club. Currently Jim puts on events at other venues “Around Town” and attempts to finish a novel. His last published work (under his own name) was The Mammoth Book of Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll, which has just published a second edition.

Aside from writing a blog (this one) that generates death threats from generally US-based “freedom loving” fanatics, Jim was (from 2006-2013) front-man and band-booker for The Rhythm Festival, the civilised antidote to mud-bath rock festivals. Sadly, Rhythm Festival succumbed to bad weather and worse management in 2012 and so exists only as a pleasant (or otherwise) memory.

You can contact Jim at the following email address (remove the gaps and replace (at) with the @ sign): jim (at) jimdriver.com
He doesn’t guarantee to answer every one or even any one, but he might.